Artisan Pistachio Panettone



A true work of art of our Sicilian confectioners: Artisan Pistachio Panettone 

PandEtna with Pistachio filling and glaze of white chocolate and Pistachio grains

Sweet Christmas cake with a soft dough, left to rise naturally and enriched inside with a delicious pistachio cream and covered with white chocolate icing and Pistachio grains.

The traditional sweet goes well with our land and a new product is born conquer the most refined palates.

The excellence of the carefully chosen raw materials and the craftsmanship make PandEtna the dessert that cannot be missed on Christmas tables.

Panettone PandEtna  ... and it's already a party

n.1 Artisan Pistachio Panettone 750 gr

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Category: Christmas, Sweet

Vendor: PepeGusto