Bärlauchsauce - I Vasetti di Riccardo

I Vasetti di Riccardo

Wild Garlic Sauce - I Vasetti di Riccardo

Legend has it that wild garlic is the first fresh herb bears can find after they emerge from hibernation, that’s why is also know as bear’s garlic.
Long and slender, green and scented leaves that grow spountaneously just for a few weeks a year.


In the hills around Verona wild garlic grows between March and April. We immediately process it raw to create a sauce that gives off the fragrant scent of this delicious fresh green. More delicate and sweet than common garlic, it reminds of chive. You can use the wild garlic Pesto as a dressing for steamed or grilled vegetables or spread on bruschetta or focaccia. Try creaming it with some ricotta and a few drops of lemon juice for a delicious pasta salad or mixing it in your hummus or tzatziki recipe for a fragrant flavour. And for a quick and yet amazing twist, blend the Wild Garlic sauce with a tablespoon of fresh cream and use it to garnish roasted salmon.


Cashew Nuts *, Sunflower Seed Oil, Bear's Garlic (12%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid.

* ingredients from the fair trade circuit 
Gluten Free