Rhum Dolomites Fine Old

Zu Plun

Very dry rum produced without added sugar and aged in oak barrels that had been used previously for Spanish spirits wines Pedro Ximénez.

Raw material: sugar cane juice from Central America
Distillation process: discontinuous in copper boilers
Storage / aging: 3-4 years of aging in barrels used for Spanish liqueur wines Pedro Ximénez
Color-clarity: warm tones of golden brown, light
Aroma: nuances of leather, tobacco and dried fruit
Taste: mild and seductively delicate.
Aftertaste: strongly persistent
Tip: it's a classic combination with chocolate and cigarette, but the Rhum is also excellent with a red Vermuth and chili honey. The best way to serve it is in a big glass with ice.

Alcohol 50% vol.

Händler: Zu Plun