Limoncello Valent von Positano 500 ml


"The love for the genuine things that my grandparents have handed down to me are the basis of my products."
Valentì - 
Handicraft and biological production company

Valentì produce our Limoncello for infusion of Lemon’s peel, Organic, from the Amalfi Coast. We recommend that you not drink frozen but cold.

Relax after a stressful day and let yourself be carried away by the warmth of our Limoncello.

Ingredients: Idroalcoholic solution, sugar, fresh Lemon’s peel.

Technical data:

  • Alcohol 33% vol.
  • 500 ml

Limoncello of Sorrento

"It is thought that the coast between Reggio and Gaeta is the most beautiful part of Italy, in which close to Salerno, is a Costa above 'the sea, called by the locals call The Amalfi Coast, with little towns , gardens and fountains .... "Boccaccio (Decameron)"

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