Grappa Dolomiten Muscat Fine Old

Zu Plun

A Moscato grappa obtained from three varieties of muscat vines: yellow, golden and pink.
The Moscato belongs to the ancient vines and is presented in all shades of color, although the best known is the light white wine with a subtle note of spicy muscat and in Grappa Moscato of Zu Plun are mixed three varieties of vines that make it an absolutely distilled special: yellow, golden and pink muscat. 
The muscat pink gives the distillate its soft and fruity base, as well as a powerful aftertaste to brightly compensate the sometimes too aromatic boquet of the golden moscato. 
On the other hand, the yellow muscat gives a complex, full-uvous structure. This specialty is stored for three years in various sweet wine casks of the Austrian Burgenland, France and Spain. The best ones are especially those in which the sweet white wines of Sauternes have been aged, which are able to perfectly blunt the aroma of Moscato grappa.

Alcohol 45% vol.

Händler: Zu Plun