Selection Natives Olivenöl Extra DOP 2 Flaschen & Parmigiano Reggiano


DOP Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil PepeGusto - Umbria-Sicilia and Parmigiano Reggiano over 28 months

A selection of 2 extra virgin olive oils DOP in a pack and 500gr of Parmigiano Reggiano over 28 months
Bring the real made in Italy to your home

Notturno di San Francesco 750ml (Frantoio Ciarletti UMBRIA)
Medium fruity. It is a beautiful intense limpid golden yellow colour with slight green hues. Its aroma is rotund and ample, with rich vegetal notes of artichoke and chicory, thistle and lettuce, together with distinct fragant hints of mint and rosemary. Its taste is full and complex, with a flavour of field herbs and a distinct note of black pepper and almond. Bitterness is strong and pungency is definite and harmonic.

PRIMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP 500ml (Frantoi Cutrera SICILIA)
Full-bodied, with a bitter and a spicy well balanced note, has hints of artichoke