Schönes Italien


[Gift] Lovely Italy 
A Box of authentic Italian flavors, from North to South, from Liguria to Sicily.

A box created to let your mind and your palate travel in Italian cuisine that combines the south with the taste of freshly squeezed tomato sauce and the north with the heady scent of Genovese basil. Season your spaghetti with a handful of good Parmigiano Reggiano grated instantly by you and accompany your pasta with a pistachio bruschetta.

Our Selection contains:
- 680gr Pumaramuri, Organic Sicilian Tomato Sauce 
- 500gr Spaghetti
- 180gr Pistachio and Cashew Salsa
- 180gr Pesto Genovese
- 500gr Parmigiano Reggiano over 28 months