Giardiniera und Jar apulischer hellblauer Keramiktopf


A perfect gift Made in Italy!

HandMade Jar apulian ceramic light blue pot and Artisan Giardiniera "dell'Oste" 

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO Puglia - (Gargano) Foggia

Our Apulian dark ceramic jars are hand made by local artisans. Such a nice touch that cannot be missing.

Taste and elegance melt in the Buondioli Extravirgin Olive Oil We have combined our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the Apulian ceramic tradition. Our jars are a mix of elegance and high quality, like our oil is.

The ceramic jars are made and painted by hand by expert local craftsmen. A way to enhance the artisan products that our land, the Gargano, offers us.

A product of class and daintiness​ that contains the fruit of our work: unmissable on the tables of the best restaurants and at home. 

The Artisan "Giardiniera dell'Oste"


An artisanal crispy sweet and sour Giardiniera with fresh vegetables.

It can be used as a simple side dish or appetizer and enjoyed all year round.

Ingredients: Celeriac, celery, onions, carrots, zucchini, peppers, cauliflower, salt, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar (contains sulphites), wine (contains sulphites)

Net weight: 950gr.