Monocultivar Ogliarola - Puglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Bottle Size


Bottle size: 500ml

Harvest 2018/2019


FARM: Olio Guglielmi

NAME: Monocultivar Ogliarola

CULTIVARS: Ogliarola

SITE: The olive groves wind their way through approximately 200 hectares in the Andria area, in the heart of Puglia, where, since 1954 we have been producing top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.Always looking to the future, with a skilful mix of tradition and innovation, our new oil mill is born. 21.000 square meters for 5 production lines where, thanks to an innovative extraction system and a strict control of all the production process phases, different Extra Virgin Olive Oils come to life.

FARM: Approximately 200 hectares

HARVEST: Produced by cold extraction, from olives harvested in the first 10 days of October and pressed within few hours from the harvest.

Organoleptic properties

Colour: Golden yellow with green reflections.
Fragrance:  fresh almonds together with the delicate perfume of jasmine, yield a very pleasant fruity extra-virgin.

Flavor: fruity, unique and unforgettable elegance taste
Best Enjoyed with: Is the perfect ingredient to magnify green and tomatoes salads, bruschetta and grilled mushrooms

Category: Puglia

Vendor: Guglielmi