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Monocultivar Leccino, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil [PUGLIA] - Buondioli


Monocultivar Leccino Garganica 

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO Puglia - (Gargano) Foggia


TYPE OF OIL: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Puglia 
VARIETY: 100% Leccino 
PRODUCTION AREA: Carpino - Ischitella, Gargano National Park, Puglia 

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 150 m. above sea level
TYPE OF SOIL: Clayey, limy
HARVEST TIME: Mid October - end of November
HARVEST METHOD: pneumatic harvester / shaker
CRUSHING METHOD: Mixed continuous cycle 
PRESERVATION METHOD: Cold extraction in the mill within the next 12 hours from the harvest


FRUITY: Light COLOR: Bright green with shades of yellow PERFUME: Delicate and elegant, it gives aromas of fresh olives TASTE: Pleasantly intense. In the mouth, it fully confirms the olfactory notes of fresh and lively olives. Bitter and spicy come gradually. ACIDITY: Maximum 0.19 % (% oleic acid);


Leccino is ideal for dressing seconds dishes. Its flavor is highlighted, in particular, on fish dishes and white meats. The taste is light and balanced, with pleasant delicate notes.

The Philosophy

The spirit of our company is found in our attention to detail for the land and our trees, a sign of the love and dedication we give our products. Organic, for us, is natural: nature is what we’ve always been involved in.

The mission of Azienda Buondioli is to bring to the consumer's tables a pure and genuine Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil exclusively obtained from olives harvested in Italy, in Puglia. Our company has always stood out for its ability to combine tradition and innovation in oliviculture.

 (Domenico Buondioli)


Vendor: Buondioli