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Gift Box: Limoncello of Sorrento & Martorana fruits


Gift Box: Limoncello of Sorrento, 2 Ceramic Glass & Martorana fruits (marzipan fruits)

The Martorana marzipan fruits originated in Palermo, and were created by the Benedicne nuns of the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Admiral. This convent had been founded by the noble Eloisa Martorana in 1194 and its garden was one among the most beauful in town. In the winter, when there were no fruits on the trees, the Archbishop visited the Convent, so the nuns decided to decorate the trees with coloured, moulded marzipan fruits, thus creang one of the most well-known and amazing sweets for Palermo's noble families.

From the Lemons of Sorrento an exquisite bitter sweet liqueur was born. The Pollio family have cultivated the oval variety of lemon, a succulent citrus of great value. 

The perfect balance between acidity and sugar, accompanied by a significant amount of essential oils contained in the peel giving the fruit an aromatic flavour

 The Gift box contains:

  • Martorana Fruits 180 gr
  • Limoncello of Sorrento IGP 500ml
  • Two Ceramic Glass for Limoncello HandMade (They are handmade products therefore the choice of Limoncello glass is random according to availability.) 
  • Gift Box

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