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Sermana Lugana DOC Riserva - Corte Sermana

Corte Sermana

Sermana Lugana DOC Riserva - Corte Sermana 

Featuring a rich, straw-yellow color, this dry wine evokes complex herbal and floral notes with hints of citrus for a balanced, well-orchestrated palate with emery-fine contours and a distinctly mineral flavor.

Serve in a medium-sized, long-stemmed glass at 8-10°C.

Pair with delicately flavored pasta and other dishes based on fish, other white meat, or mild cheeses.

Grape variety: 100% Turbiana guyot training system

Production area: San Benedetto di Lugana

Harvest: end of September - beginning of October, manual harvest into crates

Ageing: 12- 18 months in steel tanks on its lees and 12 in bottle

Alcoholic strength: 13% vol.


Corte Sermana

In this terroir to the south of Lake Garda, an historical setting with its unique microclimate, we enjoy the ideal conditions in which to cultivate the Turbiana grape. Its glacial soil, rich in minerals and microorganisms, features layers of chalky clay and silt.

Wine produced here embodies the utmost expression of quality and takes on the aromas, flavors and colors typical of the Lugana DOC terroir.

Our production philosophy here at Corte Sermana is reflected in every step of the wine-making process, from our respect for our vines to selecting only the best the grapes and refusing to use chemical herbicides.

This all starts with the meticulous care we dedicate to our Turbiana vines, an interweaving of advanced techniques of soil and vine management with manual pruning in winter and the careful selection of buds in spring.

Vendor: Corte Sermana