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Artisan Pasta of Tuscany "Casarecce" Ancient Grains

Il Poggio degli Olivi

Artisan Pasta of Tuscany "Casarecce" Slow Dried and Bronze Drawn (22/26 hours)

Ancient grains durum wheat semolato pasta grown in Tuscany

Be it for the rich flavour of the ancient grains, the excellent absorption of the sauce or its good cooking firmness, this is the pasta type that best enhances any sauce, pesto, fish or truffle.


- Highly digestible pasta, with anti-inflammatory function thanks to the polyphenols present.

- The ancient varieties of grains are richer in mineral salts


Ingredients: semolato ancient grains, water.

Cooking Time: 7/8 minutes


Nutritional value 100gr

Energy 1490 KJ / 363 kcal
Protein 12g
Carbohydrate 72g
Sugar 0,90g
Fat 1,50g
Fat of which saturates 0,30g
Fibers 3g
Salt 0,005g