Limoncello of Sorrento IGP 1000ml

Il Convento

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The Best Seller, Limoncello of Sorrento IGP "il Convento" 1000ml/ 0,26 Imp Gal.

From the Lemons of Sorrento an exquisite bitter sweet liqueur was born. The Pollio family have cultivated the oval variety of lemon, a succulent citrus of great value. 

The perfect balance between acidity and sugar, accompanied by a significant amount of essential oils contained in the peel giving the fruit an aromatic flavour

No Preservatives or artificial flavours added.

Ingredients: Idroalcoholic solution, sugar, fresh Lemon’s peel of Sorrento IGP.

Technical data:

  • Alcohol 34% vol.

Category: Limoncello

Vendor: Il Convento