Tomato Pasta or the Best Italian Comfort Food Ever

November 19, 2018

Tomato Pasta or the Best Italian Comfort Food Ever

If someone ask you which is your comfort food, the one you always dream about when you’re tired, sad or far from your home, what do you answer? Probably it depends on your nationality and on your childhood memories… Well, wandering around Italy, probably the most common answer to this question would be “pasta al pomodoro”.

Pasta al pomodoro is the simplest of the pasta dishes, but every Italian knows that it’s fundamental to have the best pasta types and a great quality tomato sauce to create an excellent dish: a perfect result require perfect ingredients.

On PepeGusto you can find many different type of sauces like ragù or pesto, but maybe a simple tomato sauce is the right choice if you want to recreate the best Italian comfort food ever. And don’t forget that tomato sauce is vegan too!

You can try the organic cherry tomato sauce from Salemipina, or the cherry tomatoes in tomato sauce by Giosole, the scarpariello tomato sauce or the tomato puree: you don't have to cook them, they are all ready to be poured on your cooked pasta.

Pay attention also to the choice of pasta type: on PepeGusto you’ll find specialties from different Italian regions like penne, pappardelle, rigatoni, linguine and spaghetti. You can also try a different taste with kamut pasta, made with a particular wheat.

Don’t forget about the extra virgin olive oil: a good one is a must for a successful pasta dish.

And if you want a ready-made pasta dish, you can simply choose between our pasta gift ideas: we have paired pasta with Italian red wine, pasta with tomato sauce and evo oil and other great combinations like tuna or pistachio sauce. Buon appetito!