Rice Venere "Pila Vecia" - stuffed Peppers

July 23, 2018

Rice Venere

Rice-stuffed Peppers

Ingredients for four people:

4 peppers
400 gr Riso Venere "Pila Vecia"
20 Pitted olives "Flaminio"
20 Capers of Pantelleria
1 Mozzarella
20 Small tomatoes
Pepper and salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria Colli Assisi Spoleto Flaminio
Fresh Aromatic Herbs

Cook riso venere in boiling salted water for the time indicated on the label.
Meanwhile, cut the mozzarella and tomatoes into cubes.
Cut the olives into slices.
Chop a handful of herbs as you like (I used mint, basil, oregano, chives).
Wash the peppers, cut the stalk and keep aside to close the pepper, remove the seeds from the inside.
When the rice is cooked, drain and allow to cool.
Once cold, mix the rice with all the ingredients.
Season with pepper and salt.
Fill the peppers and close with the petiole with a toothpick.
Put a glass of water and two tablespoons of oil in a saucepan.
Cook for about 40 minutes.
You can serve whole peppers or cut into rounds and serve with chopped fresh herbs.


Gold Beer with fresh rind of "Sorrento IGP Lemons"