Pesto: the vegetarian (or vegan) way to Italian food

January 21, 2019

Pesto: the vegetarian (or vegan) way to Italian food

Every day more and more customers ask to PepeGusto some vegetarian alternatives for pasta, but also pizza, bruschette and all the other tasty Italian dishes they want to replicate at home. We surely have the solution: PESTO!

Probably you already heard about the typical Genovese pesto: a basil based sauce, used to dress traditional types of local pastas, such as trenette and trofie. Our most important tip: use pesto at ambient temperature, to let it release aroma and taste at its maximum!

If you are not a basil fan - is this even possible? really? - you should consider pistachio pesto: it has an even more delicate taste, an irresistible green colour, and using it would transform you in an Italian Food Superhero. Pay attention: only the pistachio DOP of Bronte is used for this condiment.

If you prefer stronger tastes, we suggest you to try pesto Isolano: it’s made with olives, cherry tomatoes and capers, all harmoniously mixed for a perfect pasta or an excellent bruschetta. Even more particular is the pesto Siculo: here the tomato is mixed with fennel, that gives freshness, and almonds, that create a spectacular contrast.

Last but not least, the paccasassi pesto: it’s so peculiar that even many Italians don’t know it! Paccasassi are best known as “sea fennel” or samphire: it’s a Mediterranean wild plant and its taste is different from any other.

Now that you have plenty of vegetarian and vegan sauces to choose, you only have to make your order on PepeGusto: let’s try a new, delicate and delicious Italian dish!