Let’s Celebrate the end of Summer with 3 Cocktails

September 01, 2019

Let’s Celebrate the end of Summer with 3 Cocktails

Hello September, we’re not sure we’re ready to say goodbye to summer! Italy is still blessed with sun and mild temperatures, and even if most people have already returned to work, we still want to party together, drink something good late night and… extend summer vacations! We thought that the best way to do it is to prepare some nice cocktails, Italy-inspired: are you in? Then follow us on these three cocktails recipes!

Limoncello and Prosecco

This is probably the easier of summer cocktails: bright yellow, fresh and no-sweat. You only have to take some champagne-style glasses and dirtying them with lemon juice and sugar; then pour a spoon of limoncello and fill the glass with prosecco. It will taste like a journey to Amalfi Coast…


Negroni is a real classic and probably the most famous Tuscan aperitif: it’s made with 30 ml of Gin, 30 ml of red vermouth, 30 ml of bitter and orange peel. You can also add an olive in every glass, just to guarantee the daily dose of vegetables!.

Mirto Hot

Do you want a spicy cocktail, with beautiful Sardinia on your mind? Then pour mirto liqueur, lemon ice cream, chili pepper and ice into a blender or shaker; finely chop or shake everything, pour into flutes and drink immediately!