Healthy but tasty sweets for your Halloween

October 28, 2018

Healthy but tasty sweets for your Halloween

Halloween is here and you only have a bunch of chewing-gums to offer to kids? No problem: PepeGusto is here to solve your dilemmas! You can choose from a various range of cookies and other sweet gifts from our online pantry: you’ll be sure to offer both tasty and healthy treats to kids that are coming to ring your bell during the Halloween night. And the better part is that also adults are going to love them!

Our first advice is Infermentum cookies: one of the last addition - but also addiction! - to our catalog. You can choose between Gocciolato cookies, with crumbly dough and soft chocolate drops, the cinnamon cookies, made with the particular muscovado sugar, the chocolat cookies, made with dark chocolate and chocolate drops, the orange and hazelnut cookies, with spelt flour and orange essential oil, or the lemon cookies, very light and crumbly and without eggs. Our Infermentum collection include also the Sbrisolotto cookies, an homage to a very tipical Italian cake (“Sbrisolona di Mantova”), and the simplest traditional frollini, made only with flour, butter, sugar and eggs.

After all these cookies, you may still want something sweet. Have you ever tried the typical almonds brittle from Sicily? Made with only selected almonds, it’s very crispy and perfect at the end of a meal, paired with espresso coffee or liqueurs. If you prefer something soft, bring your knife, slice your best bread and taste our sweet creams: the hazelnut and chocolate cream comes from Piedmont, while the pistachio cream comes from Sicily.

If you are a true choco-lover, instead, you must try the typical Modica chocolate: it’s different from the ordinary chocolate because it’s still made following the ancient and original recipe, that uses manual grinding, which gives the chocolate a peculiar grainy texture and a very aromatic flavor. You can start from the 70% Intense Black Chocolate and, if you feel brave enough, go on with the 85% Extra Dark Chocolate.

As you can see, the selection is ample: now you just have to start your sweet Halloween shopping!