Flaminio, the high quality olive oil from the hills of Umbria

June 06, 2018

Flaminio, the high quality olive oil from the hills of Umbria


PepeGusto is the Italian food store that offers a wide proposal of food and wine excellencies from the best local producers. Flaminio, for example, is a small Umbrian company that has been producing high quality olive oil for many decades.

The company: history and philosophy

Società Agricola Trevi is a wholly family-owned company: Irene, the father Angelo and her brother Ernesto manage the entire production of olive oil in the Trevi area (Umbria). Born in the early Sixties – from an idea of Irene’s great-grandfather -, the company initially dealt only with direct sales of olive oil to private individuals. But Irene has also changed the entire management of the society launching “Flaminio”, a new line of high quality olive oil for shops and restaurant services, and expanding the production of fresh pasta, legumes and cereals.

Nowadays, Società Agricola Trevi consists of 59 olive-growers who own olive trees in the area of Trevi, Foligno and Campello sul Clitunno: here trees grow on a terrain of limestone origin and poor in humus. The cold climate of this area also prevents the reproduction of “Mosca Olearia”, thus ensuring the production of high quality olives and oil.

The production

The high quality of Flaminio olive oil is a result of a careful and exact production process. From October to November, olives are manually harvested and taken to the mill to be processed in less than 12 hours, so as to keep intact the organoleptic properties of the fruits. After harvesting and cleansing, frangitura and gramolazione are the key moments of the entire production: advanced technologies and protected spaces ensure the production of high quality olive oil, which maintains the original taste of local olives. At the end of this processing, the oil is stored under inert nitrogen in stainless steel barrels, in an underground warehouse (15° C).

With the intent of ensuring customers only high quality Flaminio olive oil, external laboratories analyze the chemical traits of the product and Master Tasters try the oil before bottling. Only the oil that earns a minimum score of 7 out of 9 is launched in sale. This means that Flaminio sells only high quality products, result of a careful production and well-cultivated raw materials.