Christmas Food, the Italian Way

December 15, 2018

Christmas Food, the Italian Way

Christmas is almost here: for many of us the holidays are approaching, only a few work days are left, and Italian families are arranging the last preparations to be ready for the festive gatherings. What you probably don’t know is that there are many ways to celebrate Christmas in Italy: go through this article to discover more about it.

Italy is divided between those who give more importance to the Christmas Eve dinner (12/24) and those to the Christmas lunch (12/25): on average, in the Center and in the South of Italy the Eve is celebrated, in the North Italy the Christmas day. The Eve dinner is strictly based on fish because December 24th - according to the Catholic religion - it is considered "day of low fat", like the fridays of Lent.

The typical dishes of Christmas in Italy are many and they vary from region to region. We never miss an elaborate first course, usually filled pasta or risotto, and then we usually have different versions of boiled meat with various sauces, or fine fish such as tuna or salmon, with vegetables as a side dish.

At the end of the meal, on the Italian table of Christmas there is no shortage of dried fruit and typical desserts such as panettone, pandoro and torrone. At this point, the children normally open the gifts and start playing together, while the adults take advantage of the special day to indulge in chatter and laughter, sipping together a fine liqueur.

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