An interview with Olio Flaminio: meet Irene

October 01, 2018

An interview with Olio Flaminio: meet Irene

Olio Flaminio is one of the best sellers of PepeGusto, as well as being one of the first brands we fell in love with, to such an extent that we inserted it in our online pantry. Today we meet Irene, the heart of Olio Flaminio company, to discover something more about her and Flaminio’s products.

 Hi Irene, tell us something more about you and your role in Flaminio.

I’m the creator and manager of Olio Flaminio. I’m not alone, because our company is also my family: my father Angelo tends to the olive groves and my brother Ernesto is our taster. We are settled in Trevi, a beautiful city located in the Umbria Region.

I studied law and worked in the legal field in Milan and Rome, but going back to Umbria was not hard for me at all: the olive groves are part of my childhood and adolescence, when I used to play and give help during summers.

Currently I am an eighth-generation olive grower and a fourth-generation olive oil producer: you can say that we have a real passion for olive oil!

Does your company has a specific philosophy?

As said, olive oil is in our DNA and we’re committed not only to produce good oils, but also to promote the excellences of our territory.

We’re very mindful regarding environmental issues: in 2009 we set the first solar energy system ever in Umbria, the largest in Italy for an oil mill producing extra-virgin olive oil. Our solar panels supply 100% of the entire electric needs of the production cycle.

Do your products differ from others on the market?  

Obviously yes! We have a number of certifications (UNI EN ISO, PDO COLLI ASSISI – SPOLETO Certificate of Conformity) and we’re the leading producer of traceable extra-virgin olive oil by quantity.

We have four kind of olive oils: DOP Umbria, Fruity, Delicate and Unfiltered, but we produce also vinegar (red wine and balsamic), artisanal pasta, legumes and olive oil preserves. A real immersion in the Umbrian typical cuisine!

Tell us about your territory.

Trevi is located in the Province of Perugia, between Assisi and Spoleto, in the heart of the Umbria Region. The city was founded in the Roman period near the Via Flaminia: here is the reason of our brand’s name.

I use to say that “in Trevi olives are history”. The city has been recognized as an Olive Oil, Slow Food, and Organic Food city. It has also been awarded with the famous Orange Flag by Italian Touring Club for its historical, cultural and environmental heritage, it has been selected as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy and awarded with EMAS environmental certification. You have to visit Trevi at least once in your life…

Last but not least: recommend a recipe!

I’d say “Homage to Olio Flaminio DOP Umbria” from the starred chef Viviana Varese, that is a Pasta with potatoes cream, basil, pecorino cheese and little totani (European flying squid)... But you have to call me for the complete recipe!

Pasta with potatoes cream, basil, pecorino cheese and little totani