An interview with Masseria Giòsole: meet Niccolò

October 10, 2018

An interview with Masseria Giòsole: meet Niccolò

A “Masseria” is a historic rural building, typical of South Italy. In our neverending research of quality food, we found Masseria Giòsole, a 60-hectares heaven immersed in the countryside of Capua. Here the sun is always shining, young couples celebrate their romantic weddings and farmers cultivate juicy fruits, that become tasty preserves that you can enjoy everywhere, every time of the year.

PepeGusto met Niccolò Pasca, sales manager of Masseria Giòsole, and this is what he told us.

Hi Niccolò, tell us something more about Masseria Giòsole philosophy.

We have chosen the "integrated supply chain" philosophy: this means that the entire production cycle takes place in our farm, from the production of fruit and vegetables to their transformation into food preserves (juices, jams, vegetables in oil, tomato sauce). We like to say that our company follows the production "from the field to the bottle". We’re also environmentally friendly: the development of the company activity goes hand in hand with the environmental sustainability. The company is self-sufficient in terms of energy, thanks to the photovoltaic systems installed on greenhouses. We also have an artificial reservoir, which accumulates water (rain) in the winter months that’s used in the summer.

How do your products differ from others on the market?

The products are made exclusively from the company's raw goods, and this is a guarantee of the place of production. Only the best fruit and vegetables are chosen and they are harvested at the right degree of ripeness. Fruit preserves (jams and juices) are characterized by a high percentage of fruit (70%), which enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the products. They are also produced at low temperatures, reducing the loss of nutritive properties of the fruit.

What is your relationship with the territory?

There’s a very close connection with our territory: we have been working in the same area for about three centuries! Masseria Giòsole is not only a farm: we love to open our place for weddings and other family celebrations, but we host also business meetings (they’re better in the nature!) and schoolchildren with their teachers.

Last but not least: recommend a recipe!

You are spoiled for choice! Some of the most typical recipes of Campania with the scarpariello tomatoes are aubergines “al funghetto” (because they seem mushrooms), Paccheri (a type of tube-shaped pasta, generally smooth) with scarpariello tomatoes and friggitelli (a type of sweet little green peppers) with scarpariello tomatoes.

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