An interview with Brecce Rosse: meet Roberto

October 22, 2018

An interview with Brecce Rosse: meet Roberto

Oil, oil and more oil. We at PepeGusto are real fanatics of this "nectar of olives", so we are not satisfied with just one type of extra virgin olive oil, nor of a single producer. Today we are back in beautiful Umbria to learn more about the Brecce Rosse brand, thanks to Roberto.

Hi Roberto, as you know, we want to know better the philosophy that characterizes the Brecce Rosse brand.

Our desire is to enhance the territories of upper Umbria, spreading the culture of quality in the entire production chain of olive oil, not only among consumers but first of all among small producers. For this reason we have created a structure with very advanced equipment and we offer a high level service to those who come to us to produce their own extra virgin olive oil, ensuring safety in all stages of processing.

Why is Brecce Rosse oil different from the others?

Our EVO (extra virgin olive oil) is obtained from the varieties Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and from the Borgiona, an indigenous variety; these are cultivated on the hills between the villages of Mocaiana and San Marco di Gubbio, on calcareous soils, full of cracks ("brecce") and red-colored ("rossi"): here comes the name "Brecce Rosse". These varieties of plants, if harvested at the right time, offer an oil with fruity and herbaceous aromas, reminiscent of ripe tomatoes, artichokes, aromatic herbs and pine nuts. In tasting, our oil confirms an important, fragrant structure, with bitter and spicy sensations: these are signs of the integrity of the raw material.

The territory is so important to you that it has somehow become your brand.

Tell us more about your areas and your people. Our aim is to encourage farmers in the area to "marry" olive growing, to plant olive groves of significant size, rather than going on with very strenuous activities. The goal to pursue is to satisfy consumers with a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Our adventure began only one year ago, but we feel very encouraged: not only there’s a lot of curiosity about our company and product, but many small producers in the area now want to work with us!

We love to end our interviews with a recipe dedicated to our readers...

I’ll suggest a pasta dish, in honour of this long Italian summer just finished: linguine with datterini tomatoes, arugula pesto and Brecce Rosse olive oil. Trust me: it’s mouth-watering!


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