A “Starter Box” to begin an Italian Gourmand Journey

May 06, 2019

A “Starter Box” to begin an Italian Gourmand Journey

Some of you may feel in difficulty facing a so great variety of products: after all, Italy is a small country, but so rich in gastronomic specialties... Feeling a little lost sometimes is normal! For this reason we designed for you the Starter Boxes: if you have never tasted an Italian product, or if you want to make an unexpected gift, these are the right boxes to buy! Let's see them together.

Iconic Italy

A box, four variants, all to try! Perfect for tasting real Italian coffee, the best extra virgin olive oil and then taralli (salted snacks), almond biscuits and chocolate. One box leads to another, like cherries!


A special box that brings together special and sophisticated tastes: grappa (typical North-Italian alcoholic, fragrant, grape-based drink) and Tuscan biscuits with pistachios. A perfect gift for a bon vivant!

Tuscan Flavors

Have you ever heard of meditation wines? In this box there’s everything you need for a "philosophical" break... Tuscan vin santo (dessert wine) and almond biscuits. The right box to open when you invite friends over for dinner!

Dolce Vita

The "dolce vita" is not a cliché: it really exists and you can find it in this box! Limoncello (lemon liqueur) and soft amaretto biscuits will bring the Mediterranean sun into your home…

Which Starter Box are you going to try today?